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g664 granite

G664 Granite floor tiles, wall tiles

G664 granite as most granite , it is the hardest and durable . G664 granite tiles are suitable for nearly all flooring. Its smooth polish brings a classically elegant feel to your home. Granite tile is a perfect choice for hard surface applications where durability and low maintenance is important, such as tiles for kitchen countertops, high traffic floors and tile flooring for commercial applications.


12" x 12" x 3/10"(305 x 305 x 8mm),

12" x 12" x 3/8"  (305 x 305 x 10mm)
 12" x 12" x 1/2"  (305 x 305 x 12mm)
 18" x 18" x 1/2"  (457 x 457 x 12mm)
Finish : polished, flamed,  honed, bush hammered .

Use : floor , wall , wall skirt, borders ,backsplash, kitchen , bathroom

Polished G664 granite and Flamed G664 granite

polished G664 and flamed G664



G664 Granite Stairs ,steps, risers

Steps Size: 100~150x30~33x2cm/3cm

Risers size: 1oo~150x12~16x2cm


G664 stepsG664 granite stairs


G664 Granite countertops

Standard dimensions: 96" x 26" x T

Pre-fabricated countertop:

26"x96"x3/4"with 1 1/2" full bullnose

96"x25.5"x3/4", 84"x25.5"x1",72"x36"x1", 84"x4"x1",

84"x36"x3/4", 49"x22"x3/4",42"x22"x3/4", 37x22"x3/4",

12"x12"x3/4", 96”x25.5”x1 1/4”

We could calculate reference cost for you upon project budget according to your original project drawing, and produces countertops according to your drawings.

We could offer you the relative parts such as ceramic sinks,stainless steel sinks , screw, cabinet, wrought irons products to match granite countertops.

G664 countertops

G664 Granite Paving stone

G664 granite Co.Ltd provide top quality Granite Paving Slabs, Cobble Paving & Granite Kerbs throughout all over the world . G664 Granite Paving Slabs are perfect for all garden & patio designs.

G664 granite paving is sawn on all six sides with a textured surface which gives grip especially in wet weather.

We have G664 blocks and half finish slabs in stock, which can be cut in to 30 mm, 50 mm , 60mm thickness paving .

G664 paving

Granite Kerbs

Our granite kerb ranges include 1000 x 150 x 150mm up to 1200 x 200 x 125mm , bushed hammered or flamed surface .

Most popular colors for granite kerbs is grey ( G603 ) and Brown color( G648 , G664 and G635 ) . We can also supply Radius kerbs, Quadrants, Channels and Transition kerbs specific to your project.

G664 Gang saw slabs

G664 Gang saw slabs in big sizes are available , the biggest size can be 300~310 cm x 190 ~200 cm , it depends on order quantity .

G664 slabs

Other G664 uses

Granite border line , Granite plinth , Granite wall skirting, wall cladding , table tops , monuments etc.

Products details and prices as reference

G664 and Random Slabs

240 cm up x 63 cm / 70 cm / 80 cm x 2 cm, polished surface , random edge and sizes

USD 10.50 ~USD 15.50 per square meter

G664 slabs

G664 granite tiles

(1) 305x305x10 mm , polished surface , cut to size , calibrated thickness


Price : USD 10.00~ USD 15.00 per square meter, FOB China

(2) 600x600x20 mm, 400x400x20 , polished surface , cut to size

Price: USD 10.50 ~USD 12.00 per square meter, FOB China

(2) 600x600x15mm , 600x300x15 mm , polished surface , cut to size

Price : USD 9.00 ~USD 10.00 per square meter

G664 Granite kerbstone , cube, external paving for garden , parking , patio

(1) 400x400x40 mm , flamed surface, others sides are saw cut

Price: USD 15.70 ~ USD 16.70 per square meter, FOB China

(2) 600*900*30mm , flamed surface , others sides are cut

Price: USD 12.00 ~ USD 13.50 per square meter, FOB China

(3) 600*400*60mm , flamed surface , others sides are cut

Price: USD 21.30 ~ USD 22.40 per square meter, FOB China

G664 granite floor tiles